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North Atlantic Services (NAS),
Instructions to United States Port Agents

IMPORTANT: Any container loaded with less than 1900 cubic feet to any destination must be approved prior to shipping. Report the shipment to NAS including the SCAC, cube and net weight. It will then be determined if the carrier will be subject to a surcharge which must be approved by the carrier in writing (emails will be accepted) prior to shipping.

  • Shipper: North Atlantic Services as agent for ISA, c/o Majority Carrier
  • Consignee: should be the Port Agent with majority of total cube in container (not majority carrier)
  • Also notify: should be Port Agents for other carriers in the container.
  • Description: should include container and seal number, GBL number, last name, first name, SCAC, number of pieces of total pieces, gross lbs, net lbs and cubic feet.
  • Shipment of 20' containers must be authorized in advance
  • Description should also contain following wording:
    • Freight payable by North Atlantic Services, N.V., in Antwerp, Belgium under terms of Service Contract TAAFLO SC 10NE
    • (Note : the contract number will change as from 29th May 2011 to SC11NE)


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